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Swavalamban Yojna

Swavalamban Yojna in itself says it all. Swavalamban means independent and education makes one independent. Swavalamban Yojna is a new initiative started by MVPM for Maheshwari community’s young girls and boys residing in rural areas to make them Swavalambi by enriching them with skilled-based education.



Education plays an important role in the human development. Quality education further leads to quality life. Considering this need and significance for education, MVPM focuses on supporting financially disadvantaged students by promoting skilled-based education. The main objective of the Swavalamban Yojna is to help the underprivileged by giving them skilled-based and professional training along with financial support, direction, and counseling.


Many children in spite of having outstanding academic record are compelled to leave their studies due to financial condition. The Yojna adopts community’s students from an age group of 18 to 24 years with a low financial capacity, deprived from education and those having no clue of what has to be done to thrive in future.


The entire process from identifying such children to giving them skilled-based training and certifying them is kept very simple. Maheswari students who need help have to apply with their details; Mandal will select the student based on a set criteria. Once the student is selected for scholarship; registration is done. Student will undergo a counseling session to identify his/her skills and select a best possible course for them. Student will then go through an orientation session wherein student is enriched with the required information and finally student will undergo training on the course selected along with the personality development. Program also offers internship, so that student can earn while they learn. Training is followed by an assessment and certification. Students are provided with hostel and food facility along with financial aid. It is expected that passed out students repay the scholarship amount in small installments soon after they finish their course and seek a job. This repaid amount is used for the new applicants of Maheshwari community.



  • From Maheshwari community
  • Age- 18 to 24 years
  • Workspace- Maharashtra Rural Area
  • Time period- 6 to 12 months
  • Financially weak
  • Educational eligibility not mandatory



Education should always be skilled-based rather than knowledge based. Skill-based education is a need in today’s competitive world. Even today, people tend to believe that skill-based education only leads to low salary jobs and is perceived to be only meant for academically weak students, college and school dropouts and for people in the lower stratum. Through our program we tend to change this thinking and encourage skilled-based courses so that students deprived of education can become independent and earn for themselves.

Job Assistance

We are supported by an experienced team of teachers, trainers, mentors and corporate professionals, who help us in providing with the facilities to the community children. Individual mentor will train the students. Once the students are certified proper job assistance is given to every student.

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