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Maheshwari Vidya Pracharak Mandal

Maheshwari Vidya Pracharak Mandal is a community- based organization working towards fulfilling the vision of the three pioneers from Maharashtra, Late Shri. Rao Bahudur Hanmantaramji Rathi of Pune, Late Shri. Laxminarayanji Jaju of Satara and Late Shri. Kishanlaji Lahoti of Karad. Ever since the inception of MVPM in the 1920s, the mandal is striving hard to create and provide facilities to the newer generations, by establishing educational institutions and hostels, to empower the youth in the community with knowledge base and professional skills to overcome the challenges of the changing times.

In the earlier times; when educational institutions were few and located far in cities the main objective of Mandal was to ensure that the community students gets access to various educational opportunities. Even today, the mission of MVPM is providing educational opportunities to the students and empowering them to become independent. Our aim is setting up educational institutions and hostels for both girls and boys, at the places where students do not have much access to education and other facilities. Today MVPM hostel’s are most sought after by students in community.

MVPM do offer various scholarships, loan scholarships, awards and rewards, free-ships to disadvantaged and meritorious youth so that they can follow their dreams and pursue education that interests them without any hurdles. Our scholarship programme has played an important role in building confidence and inspiring students to excel in their lives. Till date; more than 10,000 students have been benefited through our scholarship programmes.

MVPM aim towards bringing about a positive social change in the society and this is achieved by empowering the community women. Our efforts are channelized in providing the young women with the opportunities that will boost up their academic and domestic credentials so that they lead a healthy professional and personal life.

MVPM is also recognized for inculcating values of self-reliance in the community and bringing together institutions with similar aims through concerted efforts. MVPM continues to work in identifying and offering financial aid to the needy and those who have few means of subsistence.

What we Stand for

The road we Traveled so far

Who we are?

Maheshwari community’s leading educational organization working since past 88 years

What we do?

Many hostels, schools, colleges, scholarship plans, bal bhavans are run under organization.

What we offer?

Every year almost 450 students are offered scholarship of

Rs. 50,00,000/-

How we help?

Every year more than 8000 students are benefited through our various programs.

Who we Help?

We focus on Maheshwari students residing in rural areas who are deprived of education

How to Reach us?

Maheshwari students who surpass our eligibility criteria can apply and register
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